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We specialise in connecting knowledgeable experts and new solutions across the livestock, crops, horticulture, and aquaculture sectors so that, together, we can deliver profitable and sustainable cutting-edge technologies to market.
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Our carefully-crafted ecosystem of agricultural innovation takes aim at the most challenging real-world farming and agricultural problems, stress-testing and then demonstrating the viability of new solutions that benefit not just the industry, but the world at large.


New agricultural solutions are great in theory, but until they’re put into practice they’re just that — a theory.

That’s why we have developed an extensive network of real commercial farms and research facilities in the UK and internationally, offering a platform through which you can verify the effectiveness of your new idea or technology in practice.

Robust, real-world data demonstrating the validity of your innovation will become a strong foundation for winning bids, accessing funding, and ultimately, bringing your idea to full commercial adoption. We’re the only Agri-Tech Centre in the UK that can offer this.


The projects we oversee span a broad range of industry-led agricultural technologies in applied research and development. To date, we have successfully delivered 41 CR&D projects and 120 commercial projects, representing a combined value of over £45million.
WELL-CALF is a ‘smart ear-tag’ that monitors stock 24/7 for physiological changes. The analytics platform automatically matches anomalies to probable conditions, giving farmers an efficient tool with which to monitor animal health and identify diseases early.
Revolutionising Scottish salmon farming
Currently in detailed design stage, the SeaCAP 6000 is a new open water engineering solution set to revolutionise the protection, health and environmental impact of farmed salmon, whilst boosting the industries long-term productivity and profits.
Hands Free Farm
The Hands Free Farm project launched in May 2019 following the end of the award-winning Hands Free Hectare feasibility study, which was the first in the world to plant, tend and harvest a crop without a driver in the seat or agronomists on the ground.
Tail biting in pigs is viewed as one of the most widespread and seriously aggressive behaviours that can manifest in a pigpen. Discover TailTech — a radical high-tech solution devised by Scottish scientists as an alternative to the controversial last-resort practice of tail docking in piglets.
Ultra-fine bubble technology
Revolutionizing irrigation, fertilizing, spraying and disease prevention and more, ultra-fine bubbles can radically improve food security and environmentally-friendly farming techniques. Their stability and longevity means that they have great potential for use in agriculture.
Kenyan 'superfood'
Through a purpose-built, precision farming platform, up to 2000 farmers in the Busia and Siaya regions of Western Kenya will participate in a game-changing collaborative agri-tech project led by experts at UK Agri-EPI Centre, Harper Adams University, Strathmore University, Agro Systems and USOMI.
SmARtview cow recognition
Typically, a vet or farmer faces the time-consuming process of examining a cow, then going to the farm office to review paperwork or PC-based records before determining treatment or intervention. SmARtview cow recognition and instant data retrieval makes the decision-making process faster, more efficient and effective.
Satellite Imagery System GRID
Known as GroWise, the project has paved the way for the implementation of ‘GRID’ technology. GRID is a Crop Growth Index (CGI) service that uses synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) data, optical satellite data and precision weather information to model a variety of common African crops on a crop-specific basis.
Precision soil mapping
This large-scale collaborative project aims to integrate satellite data with the UK’s most comprehensive soil datasets to produce a ‘precision soil map’. The resultant map would present an economically viable alternative to the current labour-intensive methodology of soil surveying.
KASP genomic solution
This project is developing LGC Biosearch Technologies’ proprietary genotyping technology (called KASP) by providing thousands of new KASP markers to aid Asian rice breeding programmes and accelerate the breeding of new rice varieties with greater disease resistance.
Paraguay satellite farm
Agri-EPI Centre is helping the farm to connect the cows ‘to the cloud’; moving away from analogue to digital collection of data that is accessible 24/7; providing an initial monitoring test facility to validate best-of-breed British technologies that have potential to significantly improve agricultural output in Paraguay.

Ritchie Beef Monitor

The Ritchie Beef Monitor is an intelligent water trough that offers a convenient method of weighing cattle by scanning tags that send information to an online platform accessible to farmers. With it, cattle experience less stress during weighing and farmers can more closely monitor growth.

Crover: The world's first bulk grain-monitoring robot

When grains such as wheat and barley are stored long-term in sheds and silos, they’re at increased risk of spoilage from infestation by insects and moulds. CROVER is a robotic device that analyses conditions inside grain bulks to identify sub-optimal storage conditions, as well as physically mix grains in-situ, which helps avoid spoilage. CROVER is remotely operated, with the ability to reach every corner of the grain bulk, meaning workers can avoid performing the risky operation themselves.

Salad Harvesting Automation

The UK’s agri-food labour shortage, worsened by unprecedented geopolitical and pandemic-related events in recent years, has significantly affected farms and supply chains. Agri-EPI has helped to develop a robotic solution that automates the labour-intensive process of lettuce harvesting. The design, now in the prototype stages, lifts lettuce clear from the field with an estimated 50% reduction in the use of human labour compared to traditional methods, circumventing the urgent issue of labour shortages using robotics.


The WELL-CALF project works to develop the first precision agriculture integrated monitoring system that was specifically designed for early disease detection or developing health issues in calves from seven days old to sixteen weeks old. The project makes optimising treatment and management practices at an individual animal level a simple and accessible reality for dairy and beef farmers.

Marine Aquaculture Innovation Centre

We are supporting UK aquaculture innovation with a multi-species, marine aquaculture trials facility in Argyll, Scotland. In conjunction with Otter Ferry Seafish, we've established a new industry-led R&D facility in Scotland.

On-Farm Demo Day: Godminster

In line with our mission to bridge the gap between the people creating innovative new agricultural technologies and those who benefit from them, we hold regular on-farm demonstration days. Attended by innovators from farm to fork these events offer the opportunity to better understand the agricultural challenges that together we aim to find solutions to.

SmARtview: A real game-changer for dairy cow health!

Dairy farmers and vets enlisted the help of video gaming experts to enhance cow health in a unique new study. The Innovate UK-funded SmARtview research project saw Agri-EPI Centre and UK Veterinary Group VetPartners join forces with experts at award-winning games developer Pocket Sized Hands and Abertay University’s School of Design & Informatics. The project developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based system that can recognise a cow by its skin patterns and use a ‘HoloLens’ Augmented Reality (AR) headset to display health and productivity data about an animal as a user views it.

Healthy Heifer: A precision solution for dairy farmers

Strong and healthy replacement heifers are crucial to the longevity and productivity of a milking herd. Supporting timely, informed and accurate interventions, the Healthy Heifer project seeks to create a unique, precision solution giving dairy farmers access to real-time data on young livestock.

On-Farm Demo Day: Kaiapoi

'Kaiapoi' is Maori meaning 'food over water'. Rob and Jo Hodgkins set up Kaiapoi in 2013 with 200 ewes on 60 rented acres of grass and have imported Romney Rams from New Zealand to create the ultimate outdoor lambing ewe for the UK climate.. They have driven the business forward hard and now run 2250 ewes across 1000ac semi improved grassland and solar panels and farm 1600ac of arable crops around North Hertfordshire.


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